Our services range from customization in CATV system and component design and contract manufacturing services.

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Frontwaves Communication (Taiwan) Ltd.
4F, No. 164 Zhong Yang Road
HsinChu City, Taiwan 30041

Main: +886-3-535-1187 (+8:00 G.M.T.)
Mail: nena@frontwaves.com

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Business Development & Sales
Neil Narbonne
Business Development Manager
Mobile: +886 928 886 161 (GMT +8)
Mail: neil@frontwaves.com

Customer Care:

Tel: +886-3-535-1187 (+8:00 G.M.T.)
Mail: christine@frontwaves.com

CATV Technical Assistance
Tel: +886-3-535-1187
Mail: ted@frontwaves.com